Drug & Alcohol Testing Products

AWS offers your company Pre-Employment Drug Testing at a predetermined location, your workplace or alternatively should you require and permission be granted at a potential employees place of residence. AWS offers flexibility to conduct this testing 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

AWS staff will work in with your work schedule to assist you in your future staff employment drug and alcohol testing.


K2-Spice Synthetic Cannabis Dip Test


AlcoCheck breath .02


AlcoCheck Breath .05


Urine Drug Screen (5 Drugs)


Urine Drug Screen (6 Drugs)


Urine Drug Screen (7 Drugs + Alcohol)


Urine Drug Screen (6 Drugs + K2-Spice)


Urine Drug Screen (9 Drugs + K2 + Alcohol)


Oral Fluid Drug Test (5 Drugs)


Oral Fluid Drug Test (6 Drugs)


180ml Collection Cup


AlcoCheck FC300


AlsoCheck FC90


50 Piece UrineAssist Funnel (Kit)


Adulteration Strips

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